On the following seven pages you can read a personal travelogue from a seven day motorcycle vacation in Norway made by three guys during the summer of 1996.

During the course of the trip we got to see sights such as the winding Trollstigen road and picturesque small towns like Geiranger, Aurland and Lysebotn. We drove over barren mountains and took a boat ride on the beautiful Lysefjord. A full day was spent climbing to the Kjerag Rock and the Pulpit Rock where amazing views were revealed.

You will get all the details by reading this illustrated travelogue with lots of photos. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to make a trip like this on your own? If not, then you can at least take a virtual tour with us, and in that case I hope you will enjoy the trip!

If you still want more after that, I invite you to check out the following years' motorcycle trips, in Norway Tour 97 and Norway Tour 98.

Tour 96